Happy Halloween!


Never have I loved Halloween as much as I do now that have a nugget to dress up with. It’s seriously so fun to coordinate costumes with Kylie, and I plan to do it for as long as she will let me! Picking a costume has become a little bit more of a challenge now that she has an opinion, (a very strong one at that) on what she dresses up as. This year we have gone through so many costume ideas because everyday Kylie changes her mind. As I was looking through our past Halloween costumes for inspiration, I forgot how much I loved every single one of them and thought I would share!


2016: Frozen


2015: Monster Inc


2015: Flintstones


2014: 101 Dalmations

Not sure how we will top all of our past costumes but stay tuned for this year costume by following @MichelleOK_ on Instagram!

What are you dressing up as? Comment below!