Wedding Talk | Save The Dates




Guys, they are soooo pretty! Like sooo, sooooo pretty. It was such a relief to finally send out our save the dates, not only because it was something to cross off of our to-do list but also because I feel like save the dates make everything official.. no turning back now! INSPIRATION: Don't just turn to Pinterest for all wedding inspo: look at blogs, wedding magazines, wedding instagram accounts, stationary accounts, wedding photographers, etc. You will be surprised where you find some of the best inspo. These save the dates have been the most challenging part of wedding planning so far. Never did I think that I would have such a hard time with stationary but WOW was I wrong.  I was so picky with what I wanted and I would spend hours on pinterest with no luck. The hardest part was that I had no idea what I was looking for, it was just one of those things where I knew I wouldn't know what I wanted until I saw it. It wasn't until I started following accounts on Instagram like @SwellPress and @LettersAndDust that I was introduced to vellum and from that point on I completely ran with the idea.

TIMELINE: The typical recommended timeline to send out save the dates is about 5-8 months prior to your wedding based on whether you are having a local or destination wedding. We have a decent amount of out of town family members so we sent our save the dates out 6 months prior to our wedding date.


EXECUTION: Even though I had not yet received our engagement photos, once I had our final idea I started reaching out to different vendors to see who could help. TIP: It may only be paper but wedding stationary can be pricey so reach out to multiple vendors for quotes before deciding. It may have taken a small village to pull my save the dates together, but I am so so amazed with how they came out. Here are the amazing people behind them: My graphic design bestie, Emily, created the 'Save the Date' graphic that was printed on the vellum. (She also created the MichelleOK graphic for my blog!) MC Pressure was the real MVP. Not only did they print everything for me but also offered to put the whole piece together and they did it in record time. They were such a dream to work with and made this process soo easy! I am a sucker for calligraphy and beautiful handwriting and Heart to Hand designs nailed it with with my envelope addressing. Now, handwritten envelopes is definitely not necessary but if it does fit in your budget then I highly recommend it. There is just something special about a handwritten envelope to bring everything together. And of course our amazing wedding photographer, Josh and Rachel Best, who took the worlds most magical engagement photos.

So excited to finally have our save the dates out and for everything to finally be “official!”

thank you for reading! xx, Michelle